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The Savona Cruise Terminal has two docks of 450 and 325 meters for mooring ships, as well as spaces for receiving cars and buses.

The quays are divided as follows:

  • Quay Calata delle Vele
    n° 1 berth, length 450 mt., depth 11 mt.;
  • Quay Don Genta 3rd Approach
    n° 1 berth, length 325 mt., depth 9 mt.;

The Palacrociere is divided into two different terminals

  • Terminal 1
    main 29.000 sqm;
  • Terminal 2
    main 17.500 sqm;

Terminal 1

Main Terminal 29.000 sqm.

  • Internal surface 8,000 sqm. (of which waiting room and services 4,900 sqm; luggage room 1,400 sqm.);
  • External surfaces (terraces and boarding walkway 2,700 sqm.);
  • 3 floors; 8 escalators, 4 elevators;
  • 15 check-in kiosks;
  • 1.400 seats;
  • 2 Fingers of the new generation (installed on 2019);

Terminal 2

Second Terminal 17.500 sqm.

  • Connected to the Palacrociere – Main Terminal, through a connecting path and a “bridge” of mt. 21 place on the boarding floor;
  • Internal surface 3.000 sqm. (of which waiting room 1,500 sqm. luggage room 800 sqm.);
  • External surfaces (terraces and boarding walkway 1,000 sqm.);
  • 2 floors, 2 escalators, 2 panoramic elevators;
  • 8 check-in stations;
  • 200 seats;
  • 1 Finger of the new generation (installed on 2019);
  • The building has two large driveways on the east side, towards the entrance of the settlement. Outside, against the shed, there is a canopy, the electrical cabin, the thermal power plant powered by methane gas and the compressor plant.

From the beginning of 2025, both terminals will be equipped with shore power connection (cold ironing).

Other services

    • Meet & Greet Personnel: customers reception and assistance
    • Water supply pressure up tp 25 MC/hour/hose
    • Domestic and Operational Waste disposal
    • Sludge and Oily bilge water discharge
    • Discharge of grey and black water
    • Bunkering
    • Loading of provisions and materials
    • Tug service, tugs with power up to 4,200 Kw (Bollard Pull up to 71,26 tons)

Cruise agency

The Palacrociere and Costamed Ship Services also provide to their customer all set of services related to the port agency side. Being the activites of port agency and terminal management strongly linked, the result is a great synergy which allows the delivery of the higher service level possible.

Tours and excursions

The Palacrociere and Costamed Ship Services offer the possibility to organise land excusrions as already delivered to the main Terminal customers.

Underwater inspections and works

Divers inspections and other underwater works can be arranged in collaboration with partners located inside the Port.

Lifting equipments and works at a height

The Palacrociere and Costamed Ship Services in collaboration with local partners arrange the rent of the lifting equiments and all type of works at a height.

Port Facility details

Palacrociere ISPS Code
Port ID Number: ITSVN-0003
Port facility: Palacrociere Savona
Port facility type: Cruise terminal

About the Quays

(Terminal 1)
(Terminal 2)
Height of the quay from the water2,10m2,10m
Distance between bollards20m – 15m in the final partBetween 18m and 20m
SWL bollards150t80t
Fenders type2x2m80x120cm

About the terminals

TerminalTerminal 1Terminal 2
Total area29.000sqm17.500sqm
Indoor area8.000sqm3.000sqm
Luggage room1.400sqm800sqm
Waiting area4.900sqm1.500sqm
Check-in points158
Distance quay - terminal10m apx10m apx
Baggage reception kiosks22
Lifts42 panoramic

Parking Savona

one step away from the Palacrociere


The only one within the areas of the Palacrociere, the Cruise Terminal in the Port of Savona.


Protected by the port security service with video surveillance 24 hours a day.


Directly at the Palacrociere terminal. No shuttle needed.