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The Palacrociere of Savona was built in 2003 to meet the needs of the growing number of passengers who embark on cruise ships every year.

Savona is the ideal choice for a market always looking for new ports and destinations to ensure both passengers new vacation experiences and to ease the calls in more comfortable, relaxing and human-sized ports.
The property is located in the heart of the port of Savona and a few steps from the historic center of the city, spread over three floors for a total of 8,400 m² plus an outdoor terrace of 1,200 m².

The Palacrociere is equipped with various services and entertainment environments, such as: VIP Lounge, bar with panoramic terrace, conference room, Children Club, Customer Service, luggage control areas with X-ray systems.

Our Credo

Thanks to the large and modern facilities and the various services, the Palacrociere intends to provide the best possible experience to its visitors, from the welcome on arrival to the collection of luggage and the car on departure.

ISO 9001

Aimed to the continuous and constant improvement of the Quality.

ISO 14001

Due to its green soul, the Palacrociere integrates all environmental protection practices into its management system, preventing pollution, reducing the amount of waste and the consumption of energy and materials.

Worth mentioning the initiative of the collection and recovery of cigarette butts in collaboration with Re-Cig, thanks to which, through a Re-Cig patented process of purification and transformation, plastic material is obtained for the production of small objects, the last step of this circular economy project.