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A day of fun and inclusion in Savona with Vanni Oddera, Supereroi per Voi and Daboot.

The “Freestyle Show” was held at Palacrociere on 9 July 2023. The initiative, promoted by the White Cross of Savona in collaboration with Supereroi per Voi and Vanni Oddera, has a noble charitable purpose: to raise funds for the purchase of games for disabled children. The aim is to make the children’s playground of the Palacrociere extension even more inclusive, offering new rides accessible to all.

The day was exciting and engaging, with two shows scheduled: the first at 7.30pm and the second at 10.30pm. However, the festive atmosphere came to life as early as 5pm with children’s games and sports activities for adults and children. Magicians, clowns, superheroes, electric minibikes, jeeps, Fireman’s City and much more were the backdrop to this extraordinary initiative.

The event has deep roots in the desire to create an inclusive and supportive environment. Thanks to the dedication of the White Cross of Savona and the enthusiasm of the Supereroi per Voi, the initiative took shape, later receiving the support and membership of Vanni Oddera, who embraced this noble cause with great enthusiasm.