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The positive effects of the circular economy on the environment

The recovery of 8.28 kg of cigarette butts at the Palacrociere in Savona recorded in the first four months of 2024 is a significant example of circular economy and positive environmental impact.

This amount corresponds to 27,597 cigarettes, which were collected and recycled in collaboration with Re-Cig through a purification and transformation process.

The result of this process was the production of 4.14 kg of plastic material that can be used for the creation of small objects.

The recycling of cigarette butts has also made it possible to avoid the emission of 19.79 kg of CO2, contributing to the reduction of environmental impact.

This initiative not only promotes the reuse of waste into new products, but also reduces environmental pollution, demonstrating how the circular economy can be applied to different types of waste, including those that are seemingly more difficult to treat such as cigarette butts.